This is what Student Life looks like at our Clermont campus.

Helping Students Find Real Faith

Student Life is a place where we love deeply and we speak highly. A place to be real. A place where no one sits alone. A place to discover purpose. A place where we love to party. A place where friends become family and everyone dances. A platform to make a difference. Student Life is a party and you’re invited.

Everyone's Welcome

If you are in Middle School or High School and you love having fun and hanging out with friends then Student Life is where you need to be.

Life Changing Groups

Groups are an environment where you can laugh, learn, meet new friends, and have tons of fun. During Student Life night, students will break off into smaller groups. In these groups they will experience life change as they connect in life giving relationships with their peers and a leader.

Relevant Teaching

At Student Life you can count on a relevant message that will both encourage and challenge you to be exactly who God created you to be.

Changed Lives

Helping Real Students Find Real Faith

Come hang out at one of our Student Life experiences.

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