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At Real Life you’ll meet a lot of real people who have real problems. You’ll also meet a lot of people who have found hope in Jesus. That hope has changed their life! Through Jesus we find freedom from the things that cause so much hurt and discover what it means to have a real life.
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Manny Valdes |Changed Lives

Manny suffered from PTSD. He suffered so bad that he would lay in bed all day. One day, he was driving home and was about to take his life but then he found something on his door.
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What others are saying

My home, my church, my family. Real Life is truly the place to discover the plans that God has MORE for you to do, and grow to serve others along the way. Real people finding Real Faith.

jburke member

I visited Real Life for the first time yesterday with my 3yr old son and what an amazing place to visit! I haven’t been to a church in almost 5yrs and this is a place that I could see being home!

ccivik New