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Workshop Schedule

9-10am: Opening Session (Main Auditorium - Building A)

10:15-11am: Breakout Session One

11:15-12pm: Breakout Session Two

12-1pm: Lunch (Gym)

1-2pm: Breakout Session Three

2-3pm: Closing Session (Main Auditorium - Building A)

Breakout Session Topics

Each breakout will be available during all three sessions.

What Are The Best Strategies For Retirement Investing?

Location: MPR (Building C, 1st Floor)

Join our investing partner, Clergy Advantage, for their “Asset Map” on effective investing and retirement planning.

How Can I Make My Money Work For Me?

Location: Main Auditorium (Building A)

Whether you have plenty of money or are living paycheck to paycheck, everyone needs a budget. A good budget helps make your money work for you instead of you working for your money. Join this session and learn how to create a budget that will work for you.

How Can I Leave A Great Legacy?

Location: MPR (Building A, 2nd Floor)

This breakout session will provide clear and accurate information that cuts through the misinformation and help avoid unnecessary and costly mistakes in securing your future estate and leaving a great legacy.

How Can I Save Money?

Location: Lobby (Building C, 1st Floor)

Saving money is a great way to increase margin and decrease stress in your finances. This session will teach you the importance of saving as well as provide simple strategies to make saving easier.

How Can I Retire With Purpose?

Location: Library (Building B, 2nd Floor)

Retirement means more than a gold watch at the end of a successful career. Join us and learn how you can retire with purpose.

How Can I Earn Extra Income?

Location: The Loft (Building C, 2nd Floor)

Whether you’re looking to get out of debt, save up for a big purchase, or just put some extra cash in your pocket, this breakout session will give you ideas on how to earn additional income.

How Can I Get Out Of Debt?

Location: Auditorium (Building C, 1st Floor)

No matter how much debt you have, you need a plan to eliminate debt. This breakout session will help give you ideas and suggestions to create a plan of attack to tackle even the most stressful debt.

Locate Your Breakout Session

The Real Life Campus consists of three buildings: Building A, Building B, and Building C. Sessions are held throughout these buildings on both floors. The Opening and Closing Sessions will both be held in the Main Auditorium of Building A. Lunch will be hosted in the Courtyard.

If you need any assistance finding your breakout's location, please do not hesitate to ask one of our helpful volunteers. We're happy to serve you!

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