Serve Day FAQs

What is Serve Day?

Serve Day is when our church gets out in the community and serves together through projects to let people know that God is Crazy About Them.

When is Serve Day?

You can find dates and times for Serve Day projects and join a project here. Dates and times are listed next to each Serve Day project.

How do I get involved with Serve Day?

You can join a Serve Day project here or start a project here.

What if I can't find a project to join?

Please contact your local campus leader and let them know you’re looking for a project to join or start your own project here.

What resources does Real Life provide for Serve Day?

Real Life will supply a ‘Love Where You Live’ T-Shirt to those participating in a local serve day project. All other supplies for a project (ie. paint, mulch, etc.) is provided by the project group members.