Real Freedom FAQs

What is this group like?

Real Freedom teaching will now be available through video rather than live teaching, which makes it accessible in a life group setting. Participants will be placed in a small group. Each group will watch a 30 minute video followed by group discussion.  During your group discussion you will have the opportunity to discuss what Dr. Barnes talked about.  You will also have the ability to talk through any struggles you are having in life. We have groups for men, women, and married couples.

What will I learn?

You will learn how to overcome any obstacle in life that is keeping you from finding the true freedom you want.  Many of us have core lies we believe about ourselves and you will learn how to overcome them and discover the true identity God has for you.

How many sessions are in real freedom?

Real Freedom is broken into three semesters:  The Spring Semester is entitled “The Foundation of Freedom,” it will last for twelve weeks.  The Summer Semester is more topical and lasts for eight weeks.  The Fall Semester is also topical and lasts for eleven weeks.

Do I have to share my story?

No, during your break out session you will have the opportunity to be placed into a small group. During your small group you will begin to grow and connect with each member of your group. Your group leader will lead with discussion questions. No one is expected to share. You may just come listen and receive what the group is discussing.

Is Child Care Provided?

Yes, Child care is provided for elementary age children and under. Check in will begin 30 minutes prior to your session.

What if I am not able to attend every week?

Real freedom is broken into many different topics. Because our sessions are topical it will allow you to be flexible with your attendance. You will also have the opportunity to watch any missed sessions by visiting our YouTube channel.

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