The MORE Team is a place for those who are called and blessed to help build God’s Kingdom through Real Life with their gift of generosity.

You can change lives through five different lanes: Real Life Projects, Love Where You Live, Global Outreach, Reach, and Education.

Real Life Projects

Real Life Projects are projects for existing Real Life facilities, land and building acquisitions, and debt reduction. This lane keeps our building and facilities on pace with our church growth while reducing our debt position.

Love Where You Live

Love Where You Live focuses on Real Life Community “Hope” Centers, local campus outreach opportunities, etc. This lane is for those who have the heart to reach the poor, oppressed and needy through the local church.

Global Outreach

Global Outreach is all about planting churches, discipleship, and outreach through our global partnerships and Go Team trips. Those who have the heart to fulfill the Great Commission through church planting and evangelism to other nations may be interested in this lane.


Reach works through our digital offerings such as Real Talk TV, Real Life App, Website and Online Church to reach people. By supporting this lane, MORE Team members enable the vision of Changed Lives to reach even more people.


Education is all about Real Life Academy, our pre-schools, our after-school programs, Bible College Scholarships, Mid-India Education Ministry and other educational opportunities.

Interested in the MORE Team? Let's talk!