What is Family Life?

At Real Life, we partner with parents to bring real faith to real families at home

God calls parents and grandparents to inspire and nurture strong faith in the next generation. That’s why we partner with families to be intentional about spiritual growth.

At each campus, you’ll be able to find great resources you can use to celebrate spiritual milestones, birthdays and more.

What is a “phase”?

As a parent, we all come up to those moments with our kids where we say to ourselves ”It’s just a phase.” Stinky diapers, bad tantrums, dirty clothes and driving lessons may all just be phases, but once those moments have passed, we’ll never get them back!

We say: “It’s just a phase…so don’t miss it.”

Family Life is designed to help you parent and lead your kids spiritually with specific resources for each phase of your kid’s life.


0 to 5ish years old

The phase when nobody sleeps, everybody smells, and one mesmerizing baby convinces you, “I need you now.”


Kindergarten to 5th Grade

The phase when unfiltered words make you laugh, school drop off makes you cry, and life becomes a stage where your kid shouts, “Look at me!”

Middle School

6th Grade to 8th Grade

The phase when there’s never enough groceries, too many hormones, and a dramatic kid who needs someone to prove, “Who cares.”

High School

9th Grade to 12th Grade

The phase when friendships shift, grades count, and interests change so often your teenager has to explain, “This is me now.”

More Resources

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