What is Extraordinary Life?

At Real Life, we see life as precious and important, knowing that any life can be changed when God gets involved. For that reason, we developed Extraordinary Life to provide loving care to individuals and families of those with special needs. During our weekend services, you’ll find our specially equipped Extraordinary Life room is a safe place for your extraordinary child designed to meet their individual needs. Our trained volunteers provide the care and attention your child needs, while you attend service, or life group, worry free!  Those who can be integrated into a regular classroom will be paired with a buddy and attend that class.

Find a Location

Extraordinary Life is currently available at Real Life Clermont.

During our weekend services you’ll find our specially equipped Extraordinary Life space. It is designed to meet the sensory, developmental, and social needs of special needs individuals.

Please contact the director for more detailed information.

Join the Team

We’re looking for volunteers who can assist with our special needs ministry.

If you are interested in the position, please click the link below.