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Event Schedule

4-5:00pm: Food Trucks (Courtyard)

5-6:30pm: Opening Session (Main Auditorium - Building A)

6:40-7:30pm: Breakout Session

Breakout Session Topics

Navigating Convos About Gender Identity

Location: Main Auditorium (Building A)

Our kids are growing up in a society with lots of talk around gender and identity. Creating an environment where they can safely ask us these questions without shame and we can respond is key. Parents need to be ready to have these discussions and as Christians, we need to be able to respond to the culture around us with not only truth, but grace and love.

Parenting Teens and Launching Adults

Location: Studio A (Building A, 2nd Floor)

What does it look like to guide your teen towards independence, all while adjusting to the relational changes that come with this phase of life? We'll be looking at the unique opportunity this season presents to learn how to not just parent your teen, but also become their friend.

Let’s Talk About Pornography & Online Safety

Location: Auditorium C (Building C, 1st Floor)

The internet is a huge part of our daily routines and while it can enhance our lives, it also introduces new concerns to raising kids. The average age of a kid's first exposure to pornography is 11. We need to protect our kids online, but also give them steps to follow if they come across porn online.

Raising G-Rated Kids in an R-Rated World

Location: The Loft (Building C, 2nd Floor)

Parenting is full of decisions - which include navigating TV shows, movies, friendships, and more. With plenty of R-rated options around us, learn ways to guide your young kids to protect their G-rated hearts.

Can’t Decide What Session To Attend?

Don't sweat it! We'll be emailing audio podcasts for all sessions to anyone who registered for the event. You will have the opportunity to listen to all the sessions you'd like.

Locate Your Breakout Session

The Real Life Campus consists of three buildings: Building A, Building B, and Building C. Sessions are held on both floors of Building A and C. The Glow Extravaganza hosted by Kid Life will be hosted on the first floor of Building B and C. The Opening Session will both be held in the Main Auditorium of Building A.

If you need any assistance finding your breakout's location, please do not hesitate to ask one of our helpful volunteers. We're happy to serve you!

Helpful Resources

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