Care Counseling FAQs

How does counseling work?

When you make an appointment, you will fill out an intake form. You will then meet with a counselor for five sessions. You will be given homework between each session to help guide you.

What is Christian Counseling?

All of our Counselors have made a personal faith commitment to Jesus Christ and are members of Real Life.  Many of the Counselors have experienced freedom from problems in their lives.  All counseling is congruent with the Bible.

Are sessions confidential?

We are committed to keeping everything you share confidential.  The exception is if you threaten to harm yourself or someone else, we are obligated to get you additional help.

How long will it take?

Each counseling session will last 60 minutes.  We do ask that you arrive at least five minutes early and be ready for the session.  You will be met by your Counselor in the waiting area at your designated time.

Is there a cost?

We do not charge for counseling at Real Life.  All the Care Counselors volunteer their time as a ministry to you.  We do ask that you complete the homework given to you each week.  Most counselees can complete the homework in one hour or less prior to their next session.

What if I need further counseling?

There are times that people need counseling that we cannot provide.  We have several professional Counselors that we can refer you to depending on your needs.  There will be a charge if you seek professional counseling.

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